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City Election: Filing Period Begins Today!

Three terms on Coupland’s Board of Aldermen (a.k.a. City Council) expire in November. Those positions are currently held by Barbara Piper, Susan Schmidt, and Eldridge Tidwell. There has been no formal announcement by these current Aldermen regarding their intention to file for re-election.

According to the State of Texas Local Government Code for the Aldermanic form of government in a Type B General-law Municipality, if you want to serve as an alderman, you “must be a qualified voter in the municipality and must have resided within the municipal limits for at least the six months preceding election day.”

If you are interested in serving Coupland as an Alderman, you have from today though August 18 to file your application to appear on the Ballot. The 2014 General Election will be on November 4.

For more information, the official notice is posted at the Coupland Fire Station and on the City’s website: Election Notice.

Williamson County ESD #10 Meeting Set for Tuesday, July 8

Notice of Public Meeting

The Board of Commissioners of Williamson County Emergency Services District #10 will meet on Tuesday, the 8th of July 2014m, 7:00 pm at the fire station, 403 FM 1466 in Coupland, Tx.


  • Call to Order
  • Review and approve last meeting’s minutes
  • Financial report
  • Election of Treasurer
  • Third Party billing
  • Fuel island driveway update
  • Forest Service grant status for skid unit
  • Williamson County stipend
  • Radio Equipment lease update
  • Addenda


Moongazers Meet Planetgazers on Saturday and Monday

Publisher’s Note: My moniker on the Internet is planetgazer for reasons that should be obvious to my readers by now but I could have just as easily chosen moongazer. Well, moongazer, if you’re out there, I’ll be with you in spirit this week.

From “This Week’s Sky-at-a-Glance” at

Saturday, July 5

First-quarter Moon. The half-lit Moon is quite close to Mars as seen from North America. The Moon occults (hides) Mars during daylight for Hawaii and at dusk or night in parts of Latin America.


Monday, July 7

Now the waxing gibbous Moon shines closely under Saturn in the evening (for North America), as shown at right. For southern South America, the Moon occults Saturn.


GREAT Dog Needs Home!

Submitted by Erin Barber:

We have been fostering a dog that came to our house a few months back. I
thought I would post here in case his family is still looking for him!  The vet
estimates he is 2 years old.  Perhaps ~65lbs.

In case he is not claimed, we must find him a new home.  He
is a bit large and energetic for our young kids.  However, he is a
GREAT dog – loves to play ball, and doesn’t bark unless there is an issue
(like the three rattlesnakes he’s alerted us to in the past few weeks).
Please email me at {This email is obscured. Your must have javascript enabled to see it} or call 512-758-7782 with questions.