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Images From National Night Out

All aboard! Kids love the caboose!

All aboard! Kids love the caboose . . . even big kids. Sorry David, you gotta wait your turn!

There was good turnout on Tuesday, August 5 outside the Coupland Depot Museum for National Night Out. There were a lot of new residents and plenty of kids, including a darling set of double twins.

The pictures tell the story:

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Deputy Matt Kriedel addressed the crowd. He shared information about recent burglaries in the area. He especially stressed that vehicle burglaries did not require forced entry and recommended that folks remove valuables from their vehicles and keep them locked.

He also said that some meth labs are still in the area and mentioned the “Burrito Bandit,” who was eating a burrito stolen from the victim’s refrigerator when he was discovered by the resident.

Kriedel warned about various scams  such as people calling and claiming to be a relative who needs emergency financial help in the form of a pre-paid credit card. Another elderly resident was scammed out of $2,000 by a couple of ne’er-do-wells for “repair” to the supposedly damaged lightning rods on her home. The check was stopped before it could be cashed so she was lucky.

Chili-dogs, chips, cookies, and cold drinks kept every from feeling the heat too much. A nice southerly breeze and the shade of the Depot did the rest. The Depot Musuem was open for anyone who wanted to check it out.

Crime Report for July 2014


Submitted by Jack & Barbara Piper, Crime Watch Coordinators:

  • Consumption of alcohol by minor
  • Hoxie St. firearms complaint
  • CR 453 suspicious person
  • CR 450 suspicious incident
  • Windy Hill Ln. – theft of vehicle/arrest made
  • FM 1660 Burglary of a vehicle/arrest made
  • FM 1660 assault
  • HWY 95 CPS referral
  • HWY 95 burglary of habitation

FM 1660 Traffic enforcement on CR 484 and FM 973:

  • Citations for No liability insurance
  • Invalid driver’s license
  • Enforcement for overweight violations on tractor trucks

Williamson County Sheriff’s Office Warns of Jury Scam


From the Office of Williamson County Commissioner Ron Morrison, Precinct 4 on July 15, 2014:

The Williamson County Sheriff’s Office is currently investigating a number of recent incidents in the county where citizens have received calls from one or more individuals posing as an officer with the Williamson County Sheriff’s Office and telling them that a warrant is being issued on them for failure to appear for jury duty.

In several of the reported incidents, an individual claiming to be an officer, or individual representing the Williamson County Sheriff’s Office, tells the called party that they can take care of the warrant by having them give payment over the phone in the form of a “Green Dot” or prepaid cards.

Investigative analysis indicates this same Jury Scam has been occurring throughout the US over the past several months. The Williamson County Sheriff’s Office does not solicit payments or confirm any payments over the phone for any warrants, fines or citations. Do not give any payment information over the phone to anyone claiming they are a law enforcement or warrant officer from the Williamson County Sheriff’s Office.

This is a continuing open investigation. Questions or complaints can be referred to Detective Dubielak, Williamson County Sheriff’s Office – Criminal Investigation Division (24-7) at 512-943-5242.

Crime Report for June 2014


Submitted by Jack & Barbara Piper, Neighborhood Watch Coordinators

Verbal Disturbance……………………..Hwy 95

Fail to identify…………………………….Hwy 95

Fail to appear Arrest Warrant……….Hwy 95 

Traffic enforcement along FM 1660, Hwy 95, and FM 973; citations for no driver’s license and speeding.

Crime Report for May 2014

Submitted by Jack & Barbara Piper, Crime Watch Coordinators

  • Possession of Marijuana — CR 481 (arrest made)
  • Theft — CR 478
  • Criminal Trespass — FM 619 spur
  • Burglary of a Building — Powell St.
  • Burglary of a Building — FM 619
  • Possession of Marijuana — HWY 95   (arrest made)

Traffic enforcement along roadways FM 1466, CR 479, FM 973 and HWY 95
produced charges for running stop sign, no insurance, speeding,
defective headlamp, driving while license suspended, driving on wrong
side of roadway and no valid inspection.


April Crime Report

Submitted by Jack and Barbara Piper, Neighborhood Watch Coordinators:

S. HWY 95…………Theft
N. Austin Ave…….A traffic stop resulted in an arrest on a recovered stolen firearm and possession of a controlled substance.
FM 619………………Burglary of a habitation
FM 112 ……………. Burglary of a habitation
CR 456…………..….Criminal Mischief
FM 619………….…..Burglary of a habitation
FM 112……….……..Burglary of a building
FM 1660……….……Criminal Mischief
FM 973………………Possession of a controlled substance

Traffic enforcement along FM 1660, HWY 95 and FM973 — citations include:

  • Invalid license
  • speeding
  • no driver’s license
  • no insurance
  • no license plates and defective tire equipment.