“Foot Lip” is Jim Huntington’s Latest Creation

foot lip

This is Jim Huntington’s latest sculpture. He installed it on September 18th at the Huntington Sculpture Foundation. He calls it “Foot Lip.” It is made of granite and measures 36” X 40” X 82”.

I asked Jim a few questions about it. Those questions and his responses follow.

Stewart: Tell me a little bit about this piece. Where did the granite originate?

Jim: Quarry @ Ausable Forks, NY. It’s called mountain green granite. Right now, it is my exclusive quarry, since the supply of granite in America is getting tighter by the year, for various reasons beyond my control.

Stewart: What was your inspiration for it?

Jim: God ….for everything, a blanket muse and grantor. Meaning, I have always felt that I am merely a messenger and God chose me to play on the art team as Neolithic chiseler.

Stewart: What was the process of creating it? Did you encounter any unusual circumstances and, if so, how did you deal with it?

Jim: Diamond is the secret to working granite; using diamond, the hardest stone to cut a hard stone. The stone had a lot of faults and seams and I repaired them with copper butterfly “bandages”, epoxied in place and the stone is now weather proof for TX because the freeze/thaw cycle is negligible.

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The Huntington Sculpture Foundation is open every day and all sculptures are available for purchase. You don’t have to buy anything but if you enjoy this special place, drop a few bucks in the box and sign the guest book. Now that cooler weather is here, I suggest taking a lawn chair and a good book and just soak in the good vibes. Kids love it too but watch out for art-loving wasps.

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