Recent Crime Reports

beatcrimePublisher’s Note: The October report was inadvertently left by the wayside so this month we present the reports for October and November (from Jack and Barbara Piper, our Neighborhood Watch Coordinators) along with a contribution by a reader involving suspicious activities in early December. We encourage readers to submit information to as a means of helping everybody watch out for themselves and their neighbors. You will note that there was only one real crime reported in November so keep up the good work!


Theft………………………………..Cr 455

Assault Family Violence…..Wagon Wheel Road

Traffic enforcement along FM 1660, FM 973 and HWY 95 yielded violations for….

  • Driving while license suspended
  • No drivers license
  • Speeding
  • Defective tail lamps
  • Field Contacts


Burglary of habitation FM 1466

Deceased person CR 475

Traffic enforcement along FM 973 and Hwy. 95 for speeding violations, driving with out of state drivers license for more than 90 days.

Also, the Sheriff’s Department has indicated an uptick in residential burglaries/attempts in WILCO. Please remember to:

  • REMOVE car keys from ignition at all times (even at home)
  • Lock your car at home
  • Keep garage doors closed
  • Store valuables out of sight
  • Record descriptions and license plates of suspicous vehicles

Be safe!

Jack & Barbara Piper, Neighborhood Watch Coordinators


On Monday, December 2nd, in late afternoon, my husband observed a man walking down CR 484 towards CR 467 and something didn’t feel right, so he called the non-emergency number of the Wilco Sheriff’s Office just to make a report. Apparently the man matched the description of a homeless man who had been picked up in the area previously and given a courtesy ride to Lee County. We only have contact info for a few of our neighbors, but we wanted folks in the area to know so they can be aware.




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