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Crime Watch Alert

Looks like we might need our own posse!

Looks like we might need our own posse!

This came in a few days ago. Most have probably seen it on the community email. – Editor

It has come to our attention that there is a WHITE PANEL TRUCK spotted and perhaps canvassing properties east of Coupland.  One spotting was on CR 463 and when approached the truck swiftly took off.

We have seen an increase in crime in our area.  Please watch out for your neighbor and be sure to report any unusual activity to the Williamson County Sheriff’s Department.

If you know of anyone who is not receiving alerts and would like to become part of our Neighborhood Watch community, please notify Jennifer Dollins (jennifer@couplandtx.org) and she will add you to our community-wide email list.


Barbara Piper.

Have you seen Flo?

This is not Flo but this is what a Great Pyrenees looks like.

This is not Flo but this is what a Great Pyrenees looks like.

Flo is missing. She is a Great Pyrenees – big girl – all white.  Late yesterday a gun was fired (to kill a rattlesnake) and she got spooked and took off.

She lives on Lund Road – between 95 North (from Elgin going north to Coupland) and County Line Road- across 95 from Roemer Road. –  but who know how far she will run and when she is scared.


If you see Flo, please call Marge or Eric.

Marge – 512 992-5930

Eric – 512 496-6976

(Submitted by Jennifer Dollins)

Rainy Days Add Up!

This was my rain gauge last Sunday, showing the total up to that point.

This was my rain gauge last Sunday, showing the total up to that point.

It’s hard to believe that Friday, a week ago, the ground was bone dry and some formerly grassy areas in our yard were becoming patches of dirt. I was watering the back yard just to keep the grass alive in the area where my granddaughter plays, knowing that sooner or later the rain would return.

A few days later and everything is green and growing. I emptied the rain gauge a few times. We had 4.3 inches follow by 0.3, then 2.0 and finally 4.0 for a total of 10.6 inches in one week!

Even the areas under the barn that had no direct rain or drainage flow are soft and muddy. Night time is filled with frog song. Water is a wonderful thing!

Images From National Night Out

All aboard! Kids love the caboose!

All aboard! Kids love the caboose . . . even big kids. Sorry David, you gotta wait your turn!

There was good turnout on Tuesday, August 5 outside the Coupland Depot Museum for National Night Out. There were a lot of new residents and plenty of kids, including a darling set of double twins.

The pictures tell the story:

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Deputy Matt Kriedel addressed the crowd. He shared information about recent burglaries in the area. He especially stressed that vehicle burglaries did not require forced entry and recommended that folks remove valuables from their vehicles and keep them locked.

He also said that some meth labs are still in the area and mentioned the “Burrito Bandit,” who was eating a burrito stolen from the victim’s refrigerator when he was discovered by the resident.

Kriedel warned about various scams  such as people calling and claiming to be a relative who needs emergency financial help in the form of a pre-paid credit card. Another elderly resident was scammed out of $2,000 by a couple of ne’er-do-wells for “repair” to the supposedly damaged lightning rods on her home. The check was stopped before it could be cashed so she was lucky.

Chili-dogs, chips, cookies, and cold drinks kept every from feeling the heat too much. A nice southerly breeze and the shade of the Depot did the rest. The Depot Musuem was open for anyone who wanted to check it out.

Meet Your Neighbors During National Night Out This Tuesday!

Meeting new folks at National Night Out in 2013.

Having fun at National Night Out in 2013.

Submitted by Barbara Piper, Neighborhood Watch Coordinator:

National Night Out Is August 5th

First, turn on your porch light!  Second, pack your lawn chair!  Third, join the Coupland Civic Organization (CCO) in recognizing the nationally celebrated National Night Out event!  The festivities will be on Tuesday, August 5, at the Depot beginning at 6:30 p.m.  CCO will be serving hot dogs (with all of the trimmings including homemade chili), chips, homemade cookies, sodas, and water.

This is a great time to meet neighbors who have recently moved into our community.  Of course we all enjoy chatting with those who have been here for quite some time.  Worried about the heat?  We set up on the east side of the Depot (shaded) and there is always a nice breeze to keep things cool.

The Williamson County Sheriff’s Department always informs us of the most recent crimes occurring in our area.  They also provide us with many crime prevention guidelines.   All of the children (young and old) enjoy seeing the Coupland Volunteer Department fire fighting trucks, seeing their bright lights, and listening to the loud sirens.


A neighborly group of folks at National Night Out 2013.

Have You Seen Leroy?

Submitted by Shelby Fretwell:

We lost our blue heeler July 3rd in Coupland. His name is Leroy. He is about 2 years old. He loves treats and will walk up to pretty much anyone. We live off of County Road 460 in Coupland. He went out to the bathroom and never came back. But he never does that he always comes back. We searched for hours around the area and didn’t find him. His tail Is docked.

[Editor’s Note: If you have seen Leroy, please post a comment to this story. I’ll make sure the Fretwell’s get it.]

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