The Coupland Times is in Archive Status

Ever since I moved away from Coupland, with the exception of a few months in 2015, I have maintained this website. As I approach the three year anniversary of my exit from Coupland on May 1, 2015, I feel it necessary to have some closure with regard to this endeavor. In its heyday, a good percentage of Coupland residents were regular readers. I had a lot of positive feedback and I enjoyed working on it.

However, with the growth of Facebook and the advent of the “Nextdoor” website, some of the original purposes of The Coupland Times are now being met through other means. Nevertheless, it seemed a shame to just let it go, especially because of the stories about the history of Coupland, along with stories about interesting places and people.

For now, I will continue to maintain The Coupland Times as an archive of those stories. Some links may no longer work but the stories and most of the images remain.

If anyone with ties to Coupland wants to submit a story, preferably with an image, I can easily do that on their behalf. Go to “Contact the Publisher” to make a request and I will follow-up by email.

Stewart Dale Spencer

One thought on “The Coupland Times is in Archive Status

  1. Susan Garry

    I always enjoyed the Coupland Times very much. It had news of interesting goings-on, plus history and background. I’m glad that people can still refer to it.


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