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Have you seen Flo?

This is not Flo but this is what a Great Pyrenees looks like.

This is not Flo but this is what a Great Pyrenees looks like.

Flo is missing. She is a Great Pyrenees – big girl – all white.  Late yesterday a gun was fired (to kill a rattlesnake) and she got spooked and took off.

She lives on Lund Road – between 95 North (from Elgin going north to Coupland) and County Line Road- across 95 from Roemer Road. –  but who know how far she will run and when she is scared.


If you see Flo, please call Marge or Eric.

Marge – 512 992-5930

Eric – 512 496-6976

(Submitted by Jennifer Dollins)

Have You Seen Leroy?

Submitted by Shelby Fretwell:

We lost our blue heeler July 3rd in Coupland. His name is Leroy. He is about 2 years old. He loves treats and will walk up to pretty much anyone. We live off of County Road 460 in Coupland. He went out to the bathroom and never came back. But he never does that he always comes back. We searched for hours around the area and didn’t find him. His tail Is docked.

[Editor’s Note: If you have seen Leroy, please post a comment to this story. I’ll make sure the Fretwell’s get it.]

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GREAT Dog Needs Home!

Submitted by Erin Barber:

We have been fostering a dog that came to our house a few months back. I
thought I would post here in case his family is still looking for him!  The vet
estimates he is 2 years old.  Perhaps ~65lbs.

In case he is not claimed, we must find him a new home.  He
is a bit large and energetic for our young kids.  However, he is a
GREAT dog – loves to play ball, and doesn’t bark unless there is an issue
(like the three rattlesnakes he’s alerted us to in the past few weeks).
Please email me at {This email is obscured. Your must have javascript enabled to see it} or call 512-758-7782 with questions.


Is This Your Dog?

Editor’s Note: This seems to be the week for lost and found dogs. Some dear friends lost a beloved family pet near Blanco but she was found and returned by a local the next day. The golden retriever was found (see previous story). Now, here is another pooch gone astray.

Submitted by Susan Garry for Cindy Kiggins:

I don’t know if you can help but I found this dog wondering down North Lund yesterday. He looks like a giant schnauzer, same cut. Hope you can help me find the owners.


Cindy Kiggins

{This email is obscured. Your must have javascript enabled to see it}


Lost Dog – Golden Retriever (Updated)

Update from Ruby:

She emailed me today.. they found the dog near coupland, the dog is fine, and their family will be here on weekend to pick it up. Thank you for posting it.

Submitted by Ruby Wabbel for Karen Rhoades

Our family member lost a golden retriever while visiting here this weekend.  If anyone knows anything about him, please call me. He is not a young dog and has been a family dog for many years.  He has a chip in his neck but the phone number is incorrect so they can call 512 365 5777. We would appreciate it if everyone in Coupland would keep an eye open for him.   Karen R