I moved to Coupland, along with my son and his family, in 2012 with the goal of creating a new homestead in a more rural setting. As I got to know the community and make new friends, I began to realize that there were many aspects of Coupland that deserved special attention. I started CouplandTimes.com with the idea of creating an online periodical dedicated to exploring and sharing life in Coupland, Texas. I hope you will join me on this journey to meet the people of Coupland, to better understand the land, and to uncover and preserve its rich history.

Stewart Dale Spencer


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  1. John Raven

    Hello Coupland:
    I have a few stories I think you would find of interest. My Coupland connection goes back to about 1946. I never lived there but have friends and relatives who live there.

    My stories would fit your specifications. I have memories of things that have happened through the years in and around Coupland. I talk of family and friends and how life was “back then”.

    I have some experience writing. I have been at it for 38 years. I wrote for 13 years for http://www.texascooking.com I was their resident expert on Texas and Southwestern style food and cooking. You can find me under “Traditional Texas Food”..

    I would like to know how you want your copy? What format? Length of article and all that. I have some photos..
    I would want byline and photo credits. You would get the right to publish and archive the articles. I retain all other rights to the works..

    Gimme a holler if you are interested. I even remember the Great Coupland Bank Robbery..
    John Raven
    Johnson City,Texas

    1. Stewart Dale Spencer Post author

      Thanks John! I think we can work something out. I am sending a message to you via email.


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