GREAT Dog Needs Home!

Submitted by Erin Barber:

We have been fostering a dog that came to our house a few months back. I
thought I would post here in case his family is still looking for him!  The vet
estimates he is 2 years old.  Perhaps ~65lbs.

In case he is not claimed, we must find him a new home.  He
is a bit large and energetic for our young kids.  However, he is a
GREAT dog – loves to play ball, and doesn’t bark unless there is an issue
(like the three rattlesnakes he’s alerted us to in the past few weeks).
Please email me at {This email is obscured. Your must have javascript enabled to see it} or call 512-758-7782 with questions.


2 thoughts on “GREAT Dog Needs Home!

  1. Charles Turner

    Drove all around Coupland Sunday, July 6, and notice most all yards freshly mowed. Town looked nice and I was proud of the clean up that has been done. I lived there from 1940 until married in 1956, and around there with my mother until her passing in 2001. Coupland is my town, and I appreciate receiving the information you post. Thanks and God bless. Charles Turner

    1. Stewart Dale Spencer Post author

      Thank you Charles. It’s good to know that folks like what the see on the Coupland Times.


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