A Plea to the Coupland City Council

Submitted by Jim Huntington:

Resolution of honor/support

I realize the Coupland City Council has its plate quite full of business relating to our little community in its inaugural year but we are also part of the greater American community and what we are witnessing from the petty, vindictive, out of control tyrant, of questionable moral authority, posing as president/CIC is unconscionable.

This moral cretin has specifically directed some of his recent infantile attacks on the precious few living WWII veterans by punitively denying them access to their WW II Monument and at the same time has pointedly deprived volunteer Catholic priests from administering mass to active duty military personnel.

This is an outrage of epic proportions and our country and community forsakes its American heritage, reason and compassion if we do not take the time to raise our voice in formal resolution of support and honor for those who served and now serve, and also condemnation of the errant, repugnant actions of this spiritual dwarf who postures as a leader, while soiling himself, insulting the American people and profaning the memory of those who made the ultimate sacrifice as well as those currently volunteering to do the same.

The time is way past due to push back against the outrages of the punk pretending to be president and it must start from the bottom up.

Jim Huntington

In Memoriam : U.S. Constitution BORN 1787. DIED 2012.

Vietnam Veterans being arrested in New York on October 7

Vietnam Veterans being arrested in New York on October 7

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