All Aboard! Coupland Depot to Open on Saturday!

The Coupland Civic Organization will open the Coupland Depot on Hoxie Street, next to the historic Old Coupland Inn and Dancehall, tomorrow (June 1) from 10 AM to 2 PM.

Does this look familiar?

Does this look familiar?

According to Barbara Piper, President of the Civic Organization, there will be a few new items on display. Visitors may also purchase coffee mugs, the recipe book, and the tote bags as a way to support the Civic Organization.

The Depot was first restored in 1976 and got a major facelift in 2010. You can find more information about it at this link: Depot Dedication

The next major project for the Civic Organization is the restoration of the caboose, which will be done in phases. The first phase will be replacing the wood on the steps and the platform because so many people are posing for pictures in front of and — up until recently — on the caboose. Out of concern for the safety of Depot visitors, the Civic Organization Board of Directors decided to prohibit people from getting on the steps and platform until repairs can be effected.

Stewart Dale Spencer


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