Cats Need a Home

Submitted by Lynn:

We have a relative that had a stroke and we need to find homes for her 4 cats. They have all been mostly inside cats. They are all neutered and/or spayed and are current on their shots. The one named Boots is a 12 year neutered cat that is a gray tabby and white color and is happy to sit around and be with someone that needs him. And there are 3 that are brother and sisters and are 2 year olds. The male neutered cat is black and white and there is a spayed female that is yellow and white and very sweet and just loves to be pet and then there is a spayed female that is very shy and i have not been able to catch her. If you have any place for these cats, please let me know by email at {This email is obscured. Your must have javascript enabled to see it}  or by texting me at 512-496-6771 and feel free to share this with others. I have attached pictures of 3 of the cats.




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