Cooking Class Was a Scrumptious Success

Submitted by Barbara Piper

Sixteen individuals along with several assistants gathered in the lovely home of Cole Barton and Nicole Kertis to observe, participate and enjoy the latest Civic Organization’s Cooking Class.


Peter Wabbel continues to do a fantastic job of varying menus for each class and this class was definitely no exception.  Since the prep work is very lengthy, Peter normally does most of the prep work prior to the class but does demonstrate what each course entails.

Peter started the evening with tips on preparing his whole wheat pizza dough.  Individual pizzas were made and grilled.  Did you know that one can mix all of the ingredients and top the pizza immediately rather than layering? Texas salad greens with delicious blackberry vinaigrette was also served during the first course.

Peter Wabbel, from a previous class.

Peter Wabbel, from a previous class.

His chilled yellow pepper soup garnished with scallop cerviche verde was absolutely tasty as well as beautifully presented.  And yes, the lime juice used to marinate the scallops does actually cook them!  Great treat!

Grilled lamb was featured for the next course.  It was grilled to perfection and served with a duet of port wine and goat cheese cream sauce.  Yum!  The tomato ragout was a perfect compliment for the lamb as well as the garlic herbed couscous.  Of course, portions are always ample (just ask Carolyn from Round Rock, who always brings a to-go container with her).

The final course was beautifully displayed fried ice cream served on a bed of dried cranberry sauce, swirled with a sour cream and whipping cream.  The fried ice cream was scrumptious!

Peter is always ably assisted by his wife, Ruby.  Other board members, their spouses, and Cole’s parents assisted during this class.  Nicole especially enjoyed swirling the sauces on the desert plate for Peter’s fried ice cream presentation.  It was truly a remarkable evening!

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  1. Ruby Wabbel

    Thank you for the wonderful article. We really enjoy doing the classes. It is our pleasure giving tips to enhance the culinary experience of the home cook.


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