Get Educated!


Education should never end. When you stop learning, you start dying. Minds need stimulation to remain healthy and in the Age of Information, there is no excuse for not learning. Knowledge in all fields is exploding and access is easier than ever! Research on brain functions show that acquiring new information and learning new skills actually results in new connections in the brain. Here is a link to recent research, in case you have any doubts. Even some of the most severe brain injuries can be moderated over time with diligent effort and normal aging does not automatically lead to memory loss or reduced cognitive abilities. Regular exercise and good brain nutrition helps. Staying informed and trying new things is a no-brainer. Or wait . . . maybe it is a brainer. I guess it all depends on how you look at it.

I paid a lot of money to get a Master’s Degree in Adult and Developmental Education (Texas State University, 2005) and I look forward to sharing some of that good learnin’ with you. I will elaborate upon and document my statements above. I am confident that you will find it to be interesting and engaging. Look for postings under the “Education” category.

Of course, you would get bored with just hearing from me on this general topic so I invite readers to submit original works that would fall under the category of education. Rather than just post links to the work of others, I challenge you to sift through information and use those awesome brains to synthesize and summarize the information for the other readers. Include references when appropriate, such as I have done in this short piece.

You have heard the expression, “Many hands make light work.” I am suggesting a turn on that phrase: “Many minds shed much light.” It may not be especially poetic but it’s true so get on with it and dazzle us with your brilliance!

Stewart Dale Spencer

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