Mess and Weeds vs. Messy Freedom

Submitted by Jim Huntington:

Mess and weeds vs. messy freedom….or manicuring, by ordinance, the “wild” out of the wild west.

Coupland has not been incorporated for even one year, yet much of the content addressed by and concomitant action of the board has been to establish strictures regarding what people can or cannot do.

Coupland seems to be gripped in a “what-if” scenario, that it is better to enact a whole passel of ordinances and restrictions as a putative risk averse, protective bubble around us based on fears, prejudices and projections as to what might happen, along with what they think should happen. In my opinion we are on a dangerous trajectory down the proverbial ignominious slope.

I am more distressed by the imposition of official ordinance on people’s benign actions or inactions than I am by the putative aesthetic offense of weeds and mess.

Freedom is often messy. I’ll opt for messy freedom any day over imposed constriction and intrusion, having lived both.

As I keep stressing, our ostensible reason for incorporation was to preserve the hands-off attitude that held sway in Coupland since its inception. Wm’son County’s ample laws worked fine for us for years yet gave us room to breathe.

Virtually every advance of government is usually at the expense of personal liberty. We have seen the most egregious governmental intrusion in history, over the six years of emperor 0’s reign of coercive terror.

If the City of Coupland wants to clean up the messiness, I strongly suggest we first do what was done in the past and that is solicit volunteers who will work in concert with those who are offending certain sensibilities, to help clean their properties, persuading rather than compelling.

From The Tao:

“When taxes are too high, people go hungry.

When the government is too intrusive, people lose their spirit.

Act for the people’s benefit. Trust them; leave them alone.


3 thoughts on “Mess and Weeds vs. Messy Freedom

  1. Jason Spencer

    I agree with Jim. There is no need for pre-emptive regulation. Let’s let Coupland be pressumed innocent until some offence proves it guilty. I personally moved to this community to have some measure of liberty, knowing that my neighbors would have the same. It is the rare charm of that liberty that distinguishes this place. I would hardly tolerate the commute if I couldn’t come home to my place, my way. I never want to be ruled by what amounts to a “homeowner’s association” no matter how reasonable this restriction at this time may seem to these people. To the council: please show restraint and hear this citizen’s plea to be left alone.

  2. Sheila Harper

    Great idea! Lets put your plan into action.
    The summer heat and Neighborhood Cleanup Weekend are just around the corner.


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