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Get Connected!


We live in a time of separation — young from old, wife from husband, progressives from conservatives, Christians from Muslims, rich from poor, neighbors from neighbors . . . You name the category and someone will find a way to use it to keep us apart.

We complain that things aren’t like they used to be. That people used to know their neighbors. That kids used to run around outside without fear. That people used to get together for their entertainment but that now they sit inside watching television or walk around glued to their smartphones and tablets.

So what is the solution? How do we reverse the trend? I don’t have all the answers but I do have one answer. Get out of your home and meet your neighbors. If you see someone moving in, stop by and say hello. Bake some cookies and take them over. Offer to help. Invite them to church or to the Civic Organization or Fire Department meetings. Tell them about our wonderful Coupland Inn and Dancehall. Just take action. Don’t wait. Don’t fear. You might make a lifelong friend but even if you just make an acquaintance, both of you will be better off for the encounter.

We have parents and grandparents caring for young children. We have elderly and disabled folks whose days would be brightened by the simple courtesy of a visit. I really enjoy my electronics and I am still wowed by the marvel of a big screen, digital television with surround-sound but it pales in comparison to the simple joy of watching children squeal with laughter or seeing the eyes of a home-bound elder light up just to have someone listen to their stories. Everyone has had a unique life experience and when we share them, we are edified by that sharing.

I challenge the community of Coupland to take the simple steps of getting connected with their neighbors.

Take the time to schedule play days at the church playground. Tell us if you are stuck at home and would enjoy having regular visits by a new friend. Use this forum to escape your solitary confinement. Sure, everyone needs a little alone time but we only thrive when we are involved in a community. Let’s make Coupland a community of all its residents!

Stewart Dale Spencer