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City Council Meeting Coverage

towncrier1Regular readers of The Coupland Times have no doubt noticed that coverage of meetings of the Coupland City Council has diminished since the October meeting. This is the result of a change in policy. TheĀ Coupland Times will post stories only if something significant occurs. Most meetings are taken up with routine business and the minutes of the meetings are available on the City’s website, for those who want to keep up with developments.

Of course, the minutes are not posted until they are approved at the following meeting so if you would rather not have to wait a month to find out what happened, you can always attend the meetings. They are usually last less than one hour. Regular meetings of the Coupland City Council are held at the Coupland Fire Station on the second Thursday of each month, beginning at 7 PM.

The agendas for allĀ meetings of the Coupland City Council will continue to be announced on this site as well as on the City’s website, usually 3 – 4 days prior to the meeting.

If any Coupland citizen would like to attend the meetings and provide independent and objective coverage, contact me to make arrangements to become a reporter for The Coupland Times.