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Caracaras Come to Coupland

This afternoon, the dog was barking at something behind our house. I investigated. From a distance, it looked like an eagle on the hay rolls. Then I saw two more. I later realized that they were fighting over some carrion in our back pasture. I got out the binoculars and I thought it was an eagle but not one I had ever seen before.

Turns out it was a Crested Caracara, which is actually a falcon but is sometimes referred to as a Mexican eagle.

I was able to get the picture below (while wishing I had a decent camera with a telephoto lens). After that, I walked over to see what it was eating, fearing they might have swooped down on our cat. It turned out to be a cat but not ours. It was a stray that was mauled by a local dog (that’s another story). I had buried it to keep a promise to a neighbor. I thought I had buried it deep enough to be safe from scavengers but obviously not. I don’t think it rose from the grave by itself but there was nothing but a hole where it had been. I’m curious as to what creature dug it up but I don’t think it was the eagle.


Up close, they don’t have quite the majestic look of the bald eagle or the golden eagle. I was able to get very close before it flew away. It looked exactly like the birds in this story: Caracara, Mexican Eagles in Texas

I encourage readers to share stories and pictures of interesting birds and other animals they spot in the Coupland area!