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Breaking News – Coupland Elects Its First City Council!

election_lgJust under one-half of the folks who voted for incorporation in November went to the polls to elect our first Mayor, Marshal, and Aldermen.* This is not surprising considering that the Mayor and Marshal positions were uncontested and that there were no controversial issues facing the six candidates for the five Aldermen positions. In their public statements to the community, all candidates stated that their motivation for running for office was their desire to help Coupland retain its character as a quiet farming and ranching community. This left voters to consider the candidates based on their qualifications and, presumably, their experiences with them in the community. Only one candidate, Karen Marosko, placed yard signs around town.

Unofficial results from Williamson County, with all precincts reporting in (both of them), show Jack Piper got 100% of the 41 votes for Mayor and Russell Schmidt got 100% of the 41 votes for Marshal.

As for the Aldermen, here are the results, in order, based on each candidate’s percentage of the total number of votes cast for Aldermen (206). The five persons getting the most votes will become the first Coupland City Council.

Susan Garry received 42 votes (20.39%)

Karen R. Marosko received 38 votes (18.45%)

Barbara Piper received 35 votes (16.99%)

Susan Schmidt received 34 votes (16.50%)

Eldridge Tidwell received 32 votes (15.53%)

Loretta Guenther Patschke received 25 votes (12.14%)

Click here for Williamson County Election Results.

Our new municipal servants will be sworn in after the election is certified. It has taken a lot of work to bring Coupland to this point in its development as a community. Much work remains to be done as the new council has its initial meetings and makes decisions that will affect the community for years to come. They will need your prayers and support.

The Coupland Times will keep you informed of developments in the on-going process of incorporation. I also anticipate that it will provide a forum for a discussion of various issues that may affect our community as we move into the future.

Stewart Dale Spencer

*It may not be one of the most pressing matters to be tackled by our first City Council but the term “alderman” has an interesting history and is set by state law to a certain degree. It remains to be seen how it will be adapted to meet modern usage. Alderman? Alderperson? Alderwoman?