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A Cautionary Tale for Coupland


Submitted by Jim Huntington:

Coupland survived just fine from the 19th century, when it was founded, through the whole 20th century and now into the 21st century.

I strongly encourage the Coupland City Council to use a fine filter for enacting rules, regulations, ordinances, impediments, intrusions, circumscriptions, etc.

For any actions being considered, simply ask, “If it hasn’t been necessary for well over a century, what justifies it being imposed now?”

Circumscribing people’s privacy/property rights to ostensibly “protect” us from nebulous possible incursions is itself an incursion. To quote the estimable contemporary philosopher, Dirty Harry Eastwood, “We got too much government.”

How do we “Keep Coupland, Coupland” if the political and bureaucratic enactments set as backfires, to prevent becoming any other over regulated municipality, become uncontrollable fires that will putatively destroy us and a way of life as surely as if we had been “annexed” by another municipality ?