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Monday Night at the Howard – The Jerk (Free Admission)

Adapted from the Howard Theatre’s website:

 Monday night movie: “The Jerk”  Starring Steve Martin.

220px-The_JerkRead about it IMDB and Wikipedia. The Jerk, a Rob Reiner film, was the 9th highest grossing film of 1979.

Very special thanks to the Video Station on Mallard Street right here in Taylor.

Did yall know that they have the 4th largest selection of video titles IN THE COUNTRY???   Right here in Taylor???

Not the fourth largest inventory…the fourth largest selection of titles.

That means that if you wanna see it…odds are they’ve got it on their shelf.   Even its some bizarre unknown feature from way-back-when…there’s a good chance they’ve got it sitting there waiting for you.

Swing in and give em a look when you get a chance.

Monday night at 8:30pm  admission is FREE