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Coupland Civic Organization General Meeting Highlights

The Coupland Civic Organization met on Monday, September 30, in the Fire Station. Refreshments and visiting began at 6:30 PM. Hospitality Chair Dottie Hahn provided the delicious cake. Before the main program, Lena Ging announced a bake sale to benefit the Coupland Volunteer Fire Department. If the bake sale raises $500, the Coupland Sons of Hermann will match it, making $1,000 for the Fire Department. The sale will be in the Fire Hall on Saturday, October 19, beginning at 8 AM.

ImageThe program was presented by Tanya Suchomel, who was accompanied by her son Wesley and his wife Ashley. First, the 25 attendees filled out a Toxin Checklist, checking on the top sheet what types of cleaners and toiletries they used. Later on in the evening, they lifted up the top sheet to see the second sheet that showed what dangerous chemicals are in the products that were checked. Tanya also passed out a sheet showing known toxins in some name-brand everyday products.

Tanya showed a video, “Toxic Brew,” that discussed toxic chemicals that are in common household cleaning products and detergents. Then, she discussed how toxic chemicals had affected her family. She said that when her youngest son Wes was 11, he started having back aches and then other health problems. Through the next few years, the family took him to different doctors, but, Tanya said, “No doctor could answer what’s causing it.”

Then in 2005, Tanya saw the “Toxic Brew” video. She said, “It set me on a search. Wes was literally wasting away. He was hypersensitive to chemicals. I reached out to try to find alternatives. Vinegar and baking soda go only so far. I found a company that’s been green since 1985.”

Tanya didn’t mention the company name during her talk, but afterwards, some attendees asked her about it and the company is Melaleuca, The Wellness Company. She does not sell their products, but can help others to acquire them. She found that the non-toxic products that are sold in our area are too expensive. She said, “I had to make it affordable.”

She commented, “I was able to detox our home, and in two weeks he was feeling better.” Many of the products that she got rid of contain volatile organic compounds that can affect a person through the skin, breathing, and ingestion. She also said, “I got rid of all the plastic in the kitchen, including Tupperware.” She warned not to use plastic containers or plastic wrap in the microwave; she advises to cover the food with paper towels instead.

Tanya recounted how Wes started quickly growing in height and putting on weight after her change from toxic chemicals, and attendees were able to visit with Wes, now a healthy 25-year-old.