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Summer Has Arrived in Coupland – We Need a Weather Station!

The forecast was for a high of 95 today. Our properly placed, digital thermometer recorded a high of 100 and it felt like it. The closest official weather stations are several miles away in Taylor or Elgin and I have noticed that it is often warmer in Coupland than the “official” temperature.


I would like to hear from readers what their thermometers topped out at today. Perhaps, now that Coupland is an official city, we can arrange to have an automatic weather station installed in Coupland. Perhaps the Civic Organization, or some other civic-minded group or individual could spring for the modest cost to install a weather station.

Weather Underground (wunderground.com) has personal weather stations¬†available. If you are a weather junkie like me, you drool at the prospect of having one of these devices nearby. “Look Ma, the relative humidity rose 15% in the last hour and the barometric pressure is dropping rapidly. I think we’re in for a storm!”

Of course, no machine replaces personal observations or your grandma’s aching joints but having access to measurable data is just plain cool. Well, I think so anyway. And since this is a farming and ranching community, I know I’m not the only weather freak in town. If we could find the best overall location for measurements, maybe a few of my fellow junkies could pitch in a little to get a weather station for Coupland. Whadaya say?

If you agree, let me hear about it by commenting on this article. Oh, and don’t forget to let us know how hot it got at your place!

By the way, we all know that summer in Central Texas begins as early as May and can run well into September. You can always count on June through August to have summer weather every day unless a storm system comes through and even then you won’t be breaking out your cool-weather jackets. Pay no attention to the media hype that summer begins on the summer solstice, usually around June 21 – 23. That just a bunch of pointy-headed silly science. Our air conditioner failed today. There was no spring in the air in our home! Thank the Lord for kiddie pools and watermelon!

Stewart Dale Spencer