The Coupland Times Has a New Look!


Anything new takes time to get right. I have redesigned the appearance of The Coupland Times and as you will see, there are still a few kinks to be worked out. Nevertheless, all the essential elements are present. When you click on the article headlines, you will see the full story along with any images.

I appreciate your patience as I work on the technical details. Nevertheless, I think you will like the new layout, which includes some new features. Go the HOME page to see the total picture.

The section called “How May I Serve You?” has been expanded to include information about my work as an adult educator and presenter, in addition to website setup and assistance. I specialize in financial literacy and you can get more information on the different presentations by clicking here.

With regard to websites . . . well, I never said I was an expert and that should be obvious. However, most folks don’t need — and don’t want to pay for — advanced help, which can cost $75 and up per hour. I have experts available when proficiency in programming code is necessary. I specialize in helping people learn computer basics and how to take advantage of what the Digital Age has to offer. I have experience with Macintosh, Windows, and Linux-based systems. I don’t know it all. However, I know what works for me and I can share that with you. I can even do basic computer repair and replacement of parts like CD/DVD drives. Click here for more information.

I have also added links to another website which supports my role as a marketer of nutritional supplements, especially those related to providing the 90 essential nutrients that human beings require for optimal health and proper immune system functioning. I use the products myself, as does my family, and we have noticed the difference they have made in our lives. I don’t really push it because being a salesman is not my forte. However, at the very least, you should watch the videos explaining the “90-for-life” concept and how it was developed. I think you will be surprised by what you learn. If you want to try some of the products, just fill out the short online form and I will contact you. Take a look by clicking here.

I welcome your feedback on the new format. Let the tweaking commence!

Stewart Dale Spencer



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