This Week at St. Peter’s Church of Coupland – New Directions

Submitted by Pastor Frank Dietz:

The final September Sunday brings us a guest in worship and at a festive mission shrimp boil (rsvp’s required but all are welcome!). Back Bay Mission is an outreach ministry rooted in long historical efforts of our United Church of Christ and predecessor Evangelical and Reformed Church. Images and stories abound from this ministry right at the heart (Biloxi, Mississippi) of Katrina before and after. This is an amazing story of efforts through the generations and how a missional effort at outreach reinvents and transforms itself for new and shifting challenges.


One of the hand-carved plaques in the sanctuary.

The shrimp boil will cover costs and serve to support a young intern scholarship program that often shapes young lives and career choices impacting a generation of mercy, justice and service. A worthy mission, indeed! The visiting pastor and BBM board member, Rev. Scott Martin and the service will take cues from Micah 6: “What does the LORD require?”


Psalm 91: 1-6, 144-16

Jeremiah 32:1-3a, 6-15

1 Timothy 6:6-19′

Luke 16:19-31

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