This Week at St. Peter’s Church of Coupland – World Communion Sunday

Submitted by Pastor Frank Dietz:

The first Sunday of October has traditionally been known as World Communion Sunday. What that has meant is that ecumenically, those churches that do not observe the Sacrament every week, or whenever the people gather, will join in “worldwide” Holy Communion.

At St. Peter’s on the hill in Coupland, we’ll break bread symbolically with others globally by having a basket of breads representing neighbors around the world. The bread that remains will nurture fellowship following the service outside beyond the doors.

A hand-carved plaque of the Lord's Prayer provides inspiration to visitors to St. Peter's sanctuary.

A hand-carved plaque of the Lord’s Prayer provides inspiration to visitors to St. Peter’s sanctuary.


During the service the “Neighbors in Need” special offering will be received. It’s a special gift about justice and deep neighborliness. This may best be expressed when a homeless fellow has come into posession of a large roll and sits beside a fellow traveller and gives him half. How, by what means, with what frequency do we find that our Table sustenance enables us with spirit and care to share half of the loaf that has become ours?

Come and practice a measure of neighborliness! Do come sing with us about the God who has “the whole world in His hands!”

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