Why Do We Love Stories So Much?

_storyteller_Anker_Grossvater_1884I have been interviewing people to learn more about Coupland’s history from a variety of perspectives. I love hearing the stories and I will be sharing them with you on a regular basis.

A few years ago, I wrote an academic paper on storytelling but it was done from the perspective of my personal experiences with storytelling. If you have ever wondered about why people like stories so much or  what role storytelling plays in human cultures, I think you will enjoy this paper.

Here is a short summary:

This paper describes a journey to uncover whether or not Indigenous Learning techniques can be applied to modern adult education venues. It begins with an exploration of the value and role of storytelling. It explains the psychological foundations of storytelling and the effects thereof. It continues with a description of a variety of stories both from the personal life of the researcher and from adult education literature. It examines a multi-tribal American Indian project at certain Tribal Colleges and Universities to reclaim the stories of a number of tribes and to apply the cultural values of those peoples to American Indian-sponsored higher education programs. The journey provides the backdrop and inspiration for future adult education programs targeting low-income families which will attempt to draw upon the power of storytelling and the educational methods of American Indians.

Click here to read the entire paper: The Roles of Storytelling in Adult Education

Stewart Dale Spencer

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