Williamson County Goes After the Little Guys

Williamson County is going to a lot of trouble to publicize its crackdown on hot check writers. You may have seen the press releases. They even went modern and posted YouTube videos. Click here to see them.

When ordinary people write checks in excess of their deposits, and don’t make good on them, it’s a crime and they should be punished. They are stealing from people and businesses who relied upon their promise to pay.

Besides, the government doesn’t like competition.

monopoly_bankerWhen the major banks do it, in collusion with the privately-owned banking cartel euphemistically called “The Federal Reserve,” the government says nothing. That’s because this is how government lives beyond its means. The result to you and me is inflation, which is, in effect, a hidden tax. So whenever you hear government say they are going to increase spending but that it won’t result in increased taxes, they are lying.

Wait. That’s too harsh. Let’s just say they are being less than honest. That sounds nicer, doesn’t it?

Government counts on your ignorance of how the modern, debt-based financial system works. Get educated folks. Except in certain situations, prices don’t go up because things are worth more. They go up because the currency is worth less and sooner or later it becomes worthless. Noticed any inflation lately?

To be fair to Williamson County, they are suing banks that used the Mortgage Electronic Registration System (MERS) but only because that is how mortgage lenders have avoided paying fees for recording property transfers with the counties. Oh, and lots of homeowners were subjected to improper foreclosures but if they really cared about that, it wouldn’t be a lawsuit but a Grand Jury indictment.

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Stay tuned. Class will resume in future stories.


2 thoughts on “Williamson County Goes After the Little Guys

  1. John Smith

    Sometimes I wonder if this a news site of local city of Coupland happenings or an opinion blog. Are you representing yourself and your opinions or the city of Coupland or both?

    1. Stewart Dale Spencer Post author

      Wonder no more John. It is both and more. This particular posting is clearly marked at the top as being in the category of “Opinion and Commentary” with the sub-category of “Government Policy.” Look at the Categories down below to see the number of postings in each category. That should provide a pretty good guide to what this site is in practice.

      I have always encouraged readers to submit their own stories and opinions as well. With regard to the City of Coupland, you might have noticed that when I report on city council meetings, I always do my best to accurately report what took place without interjecting my opinion about it. When I have separately published my opinion about City actions and policies, I always clearly identify it as such . . . my opinion. I hope this clears it up for you.

      Thanks for your comment. Perhaps I should amend the “About” page to reflect how this site has developed over the past year.

      Oh, and thanks for being a reader! You are welcomed to submit your opinions or news or stories via “Contact the Publisher” at the top of the page.


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