Jim Huntington’s Latest Sculpture

Here is a picture of Jim Huntington’s latest sculpture entitled “Ring Tone.”

ImageIt is made of granite, concrete, and paint and measures 58” X 58” X 61”. Local artist Wells Mason helped him set the sculpture yesterday.

Jim says, “The concrete cylinder was reclaimed from Manville’s scrap heap, when they removed this old valve well that had been diagonally across from the office for a long time. I had to do some reconstructive surgery to restore it to a complete cylinder but since it was free, it was worth the effort to yield a unique sculpture that I otherwise would not have created.”

I saw Jim working on it and wondered what he was planning for that concrete ring. It’s a unique addition to a unique sculpture garden.

The Huntington Sculpture Foundation is open every day and all sculptures are available for purchase. You don’t have to buy anything but if you enjoy this special place, drop a few bucks in the box and sign the guest book. Mornings and early evenings are the best times to visit this time of year but if you don’t mind the heat, it looks especially nice in the middle of the day with the sun overhead and the green grass as a backdrop.

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