This Week at St. Peter’s Church of Coupland – A Calling to a Christian Lifestyle

From Pastor Frank Dietz:

This Sunday at St. Peter’s on the hill in Coupland, we’ll have “moved on” from Christmas in July to deep soulfulness lifted up as the master-stroke of Jesus’ teaching and witness. The contrast is sharper than the contrast a few weeks ago between Mary and Martha. It’s the greed and hording instincts that are unacceptable to Jesus as he lifts up a deeper and finer spiritual way. Illustrative of this calling to a Christian lifestyle of service and care is an exemplary woman named Anna whom I’ll saint for the day. So…..reflecting and centering on soulfulness will govern our day in prayer, song and with the homily. We’ll receive the soulful gifts of the Holy Table in our celebration of 1st Sunday Eucharist (that’s Thanksgiving Meal) before we leave for a week of reaching and deepening.

IMG_3830Pastor Dietz regularly refers to the world-embracing mission of Christians by using the soft globe during services. The bridge represents the transition from Pastor Sumner to the future shepherd of the St. Peter’s congregation.

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