July Crime Reports


CR 475 Burglary of a Habitation

S Hwy 95 Interference with Child Custody

FM 619 Assault family violence

Also, citations/arrest along Hwy 95, FM 973, and FM 1660 for failure to maintain financial responsiblity, driving while license suspended, failure to display driver’s license, speeding, no driver’s license, defective headlight, and driving on improved shoulder.

Jack and Barbara Piper, Neighborhood Watch Coordinators

[Publisher’s Note: If any readers know what “driving on improved shoulder” means, please submit a comment. People drive on the shoulders of Texas roads all the time to let faster traffic pass.]


2 thoughts on “July Crime Reports

  1. Kayla

    You’re not supposed to drive on the shoulders… they are emergency lanes only. Treating them like full lanes is not safe, and there are passing zones to get around slower traffic.


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