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Coupland Water Supply Corporation Regular Meeting Agenda – January 28, 2014


Submitted by Martin Samuelson

Coupland Water Supply Corporation

Regular Meeting

Date: Wednesday, January 28th 2015

Time: 7 p.m.

Place: Coupland Fire Hall


1 -Call meeting to order/establish a quorum

2- Public Comments

3 – Report from plant manager Ken Lockard

4 – Report from Treasure

5- Discussion with Scott Murrah for master plan and grant

6 – Discuss tap fee on existing property

7- Discuss old and new business

8- Action items

  • Master Plan
  • Grants
  • Warehouse space for documents
  • Naming of plant, lift stations and signage
  • Units per tap define tap


This agenda duly posted on the 23rd day of January, 2015, at 12.00 p.m. on the bulletin board at Coupland Post Office and Citizen National Bank.

Coupland Water Supply Corporation Regular Meeting Agenda for Tuesday, November 4


Coupland Water Supply Corporation

Regular Meeting

Date:  Tuesday 11-04-2014

Time: 6 p.m.

Place: Coupland Fire Hall


  • 1 -Call meeting to order/establish a quorum
  • 2- Public Comments
  • 3 – Report from plant manager Ken Lockard
  • 4- Guest speaker Scott Murrah with
    • a- Master plan for system
    • b- Grant money and survey
    • c- System problems and possible cures
  • 5- Report from Treasurer
  • 6- Action items
    1. Salary and bonus for plant manager
    2. Master plan
    3. Grant money and survey
    4. Boundaries
    5. Replacement/repairs of pumps and equipment
    6. Recognition of past members
    7. Next meeting date


This agenda duly posted on the 31st day of October, 2014, at 12.00p.m. on the bulletin board at Coupland Post Office and  Citizen National Bank

Results of the Coupland Water Supply Board Election

The ballots were finally counted and the membership of the Coupland Water Supply Corporation, which actually manages waste water for the community, has changed. The new board will consist of Martin Samuelson, Wells Mason, Scott Ging, Karen Marosko, and Tim Worthy.

The new kid on the block is Tim Worthy, who has served on the board in the past. According to his press secretary (that would be his wife, Barbara), Worthy wants to thank everyone that voted for him and wants the public to know that he will always work for the community’s best interest.

According to Mason, Martin Samuelson is the new President of the board, replacing the outgoing Jim Huntington in that capacity. Mason is the Vice-President and Marosko remains as secretary.

The board will no doubt face many challenges in the coming years, not the least of which will be the need to expand the capacity of the water treatment plant. There is room for only a few more connections and Coupland is likely to continue slowly growing.

It may not look like much but we would miss it if it were gone.

It may not look like much but we would miss it if it were gone.

Statement from the Board of the Coupland Water Supply Corporation

Submitted by Jim Huntington:

The current Coupland Water Supply Corp (CWSC) board has seen our financial reserve completely used up due to unexpected expenses, either from Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) mandates or from unpreventable maintenance and repair issues. Our actions as a board have been based on what we deemed to be the most responsible thing to do, to maintain the system and these actions have been unanimous.

To successfully operate, we need a certain amount of money coming in every month or we will be in deficit. While all of us on the current board would like nothing better than to have lower rates, it is our analysis and unanimous opinion that lowering rates at this time would definitely not be prudent but actually would be counterproductive, which would force higher rates in the long run because we would have to borrow money to operate and pay interest on that money, instead of compiling a reserve on which we draw interest.

In 2012, the current CWSC board voted unanimously to increase rates by increasing the rate per 1000 gallons of water usage to $7.00. In the past, when we had to increase revenue, we raised the flat rate which was the same amount levied on everyone. This time when rate increase was necessary, we decided to raise rates on usage, so that the more you use, the more you pay, thereby protecting modest users from subsidizing greater users.

The current board also voted unanimously to set the Capacity Reservation fee at $5000, which is much lower than other nearby municipalities and much lower than the cost of a septic system. That money is set aside for improvements and eventually, at some point in the future, to plan for an expansion to the processing plant as we move close to the capacity of what the present plant can handle.

The current board CWSC has worked well and harmoniously for several years, reaching unanimous consensus on all issues which have confronted us. Our primary focus has been on what is good for the total CWSC system putting aside any personal agendas.

Voting is open until Nov. 30th. If you lost or misplaced ballot, you can get a replacement from either Karen Marosko or Jim Huntington.


Coupland Water Supply Corporation Deadline for Ballots Clarified

Submitted by Jim Huntington:

We scheduled a count of ballots predicated on our mistake in thinking we had set Oct 31st as the deadline for posting, when in reality, it says Nov 30th postmark deadline. We will conduct the CWSC meeting but ballots will NOT be counted till Dec, when we will conduct another meeting to count ballots.


Meet the Candidates – Tim Worthy

[Editor’s Note: The oddly-named, Coupland Water Supply Corporation, which collects and processes Coupland’s waste-water (sewage), is holding an election for Directors. Details were mailed to all members of the system. Five people are running for four places. The Coupland Times is happy to  share information from each candidate. Information may be emailed to {This email is obscured. Your must have javascript enabled to see it}. Please submit a photograph.]

Submitted by Tim Worthy:

Tim and Rufus

Tim and Rufus

Dear Coupland Water Supply Corporation Owners

( You own this sewer system)

I would like to introduce myself, I am Tim Worthy, My wife and I own the Old Coupland Inn and Dancehall and have done so for over 20 years.

I was on the original board of directors to build, and install this sewer system apx. 17 years ago. This system was built with grant money and tax money from Williamson County for the community of Coupland.

The Coupland Water Supply Corporation’s sole duty was to oversee and maintain the sewer system. Manville Water Supply Corporation has nothing to do with this system except the billing because they have access to the meters.

My goal if you vote for me is to lower the sewer rates and connection fees to affordable rates and to maintain the system with your help. Remember this is YOUR system! At the present time you are paying $7.00 per 1,000 gallons of wastewater and a $5,000.00 fee to connect to your existing sewer system.

I would appreciate your vote.

Sincerely yours,

Tim Worthy

Your canidate for your board

If you have any questions please feel free to call me. Thanks