Results of the Coupland Water Supply Board Election

The ballots were finally counted and the membership of the Coupland Water Supply Corporation, which actually manages waste water for the community, has changed. The new board will consist of Martin Samuelson, Wells Mason, Scott Ging, Karen Marosko, and Tim Worthy.

The new kid on the block is Tim Worthy, who has served on the board in the past. According to his press secretary (that would be his wife, Barbara), Worthy wants to thank everyone that voted for him and wants the public to know that he will always work for the community’s best interest.

According to Mason, Martin Samuelson is the new President of the board, replacing the outgoing Jim Huntington in that capacity. Mason is the Vice-President and Marosko remains as secretary.

The board will no doubt face many challenges in the coming years, not the least of which will be the need to expand the capacity of the water treatment plant. There is room for only a few more connections and Coupland is likely to continue slowly growing.

It may not look like much but we would miss it if it were gone.

It may not look like much but we would miss it if it were gone.

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