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Coupland Depot Museum & Caboose News

At its last meeting, the Board of Directors of the Coupland Civic Organization decided to open the Depot Museum on a trial basis on Saturday, June 1 and Saturday, June 8. The Depot will be open and manned by volunteers from 10 AM to 2 PM both days. Barbara Piper, President of the Civic Organization, says that if the response is good, the practice will continue.

Also on June 1, Cole Barton and Nichole Kertis will hold a garage sale at 104 Hoxie Street, just across from the Depot. On June 8, the Old Coupland Inn and Dancehall is hosting a meeting of the Model A Ford Club. Because of these two events, the Directors expect a greater than usual amount of people visiting downtown Coupland.

Besides the items on display in the museum, there will be a few items for sale:

  • Coffee mugs, $5
  • Custom made tote bags with drawing of Coupland by local artist, $10
  • Custom made cookbook with recipes from Coupland residents, $15.IMG_2848


    One side of the tote bag, drawn by local artist Connie Heineke: “Coupland’s Little White Church on the Hill.”
    This is the historic St. Peter’s Church of Coupland. The sanctuary was built in 1906.

The other side of the tote bag: “A Peaceful Simple Way of Life”
This was the home where Ms. Heineke grew up. It isn’t there any more but it is typical of the homes in the area.

According to Ruby Wabbel of the Civic Organization’s Fundraising Committee, the supply of cookbooks is limited.

The Directors also decided to put up a warning sign on the steps and platform of the caboose because of the rotting wood. They were concerned about people who were climbing on the caboose to pose for pictures. They are in the process of getting bids from contractors to replace the wood on the steps and the platform. This is just the first phase. The Directors are exploring options for other improvements on the caboose.

Stewart Dale Spencer